Machine learning opportunities

I’m seeing a lot of interesting products and ideas around “big data” and machine learning at the moment.

A great idea I just saw today on reddit is called Best Product Finder.

The gist of it is that:

  • it uses data to find the top Amazon products for any search term
  • it uses AI machine learning
  • it scrapes and sorts the results to deliver the absolute best products

Here’s a few examples:

They appear to have developed a scoring metric which ranks the products, with direct links to Amazon products for sale.

Super interesting idea! Have you got any examples of big data products being used in clever ways? Let me know in the comments.

Boring niches can make a lot of money

I saw somebody on Twitter the other day had dived into the Inc 5000, which is the top 5000 companies in America.

Turns out there are some hidden gems in there, like This boring-sounding website provides online training for anybody wanting to become a bookkeeper, and it makes over $4m a year doing it!

I got to looking and there are actually many boring niches out there that are making a killing, from HVAC training blogs to SWIFT code databases, and everything in between.

What’s the most boring but lucrative niche you’ve found on the web?

Finding good fonts is hard

I was recently working on a project with a client and they were very picky about the type of font we used to portray their brand.

There’s so many different font families and types that searching all of the foundry sites is a pain in the arse.

Then I came across All Fonts. It’s a library of fonts across different foundries so it’s your one stop shop for your finding the font you need.

They have a massive tag cloud in the sidebar that lets you drill down by very niche and specific areas, which is perfect for what I wanted.

In case you were wondering (you weren’t) the Garden Grown font is the one we ended up with for this particular client 😉