Online makers and the future of the web

I’ve been noticing a big trend on social media that is rising in popularity every single day. It’s a group of very tech savvy, sometimes coders (but not always), people who call themselves “makers”.

They differ from entrepreneurs in a few ways but one of the most important is how they identify. A maker is somebody who bootstraps and gets things done. They often work on very specific and niche projects, and they also like to tweet and blog and share their journey of what they are working on, if it’s working, and why they choose to work on it.

My encounter with a maker

I met a 21 year old maker the other day in a Twitter chat, and after some back and forth DM’ing, I knew I had to blog about it.

Her name is Anya, and she’s an accountant, mathematician, and hobbyist web developer who is combing her passion for spreadsheets, numbers, development and writing with two projects:

  1. Crunch Numbers – This is a blog Anya has set up to provide help and tutorials for anybody interested in finance – personal, corporate, stocks/bonds etc. She’s focusing on financial formulas and ratios during the launch and is aiming to make it very simple to figure out exactly how these complex formulas work.
  2. The Calculator – This is a hobby web project where Anya is looking to create calculators for educational purposes. It’s really so she can learn PHP and JavaScript, but it ties in nicely with Crunch Numbers as she is looking to produce financial calculators here.

What I love about this is that Anya has a passion, and is making something. She’s learning as she goes. Her goal is to make $1,000 a month from her projects in order to pay rent and utilities, which in turn will give her more free time and energy to pursue new projects, whatever they may be.

Are you a maker? If so, please reach out to me as I’m looking to do some case studies on what makes them so different, and why I think they are the future of the web.