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Selling websites

I just saw a very interesting project posted to reddit called “We Want Websites”.

They are positioning themselves as a Flippa alternative, which lets be honest – is very much needed!

I have in the past bought and sold small websites from Flippa but the number of scammers on there made it suck as they grew. The last site I bought had completely fake figures and I got burned.

With www (as they call themselves – thought that was neat) the sites are heavily reviewed beforehand and only the best of the best will get listed.

I signed up to their newsletter and dropped them an email and it seems they are currently in a sort of “beta” phase where they need both buyers and sellers in order to grow.

I’d imagine for this sort of project that buyers would be easier than sellers so if you ARE a possible seller, sell your website with them so that they can hopefully become a legit alternative to Flippa!